It is not so easy to fit in the shoes of parents (specially mothers, let's be real though), we are pulled to the limit. With our personal and professional commitments, between raising our children and working (even if we work at home or not), maintaining our physical health to nurturing kids mentally and emotionally, we strain ourselves to get to the dinner table at the end of the day. Moreover, if you are a single parent, you got to do all of this with one less pair of helping hands.

With all of this happening in one's life, having a Parent Teacher Group meeting in a priority becomes quite difficult. But as it is said, A mother's heart is always with her children, so we are bound by the nature to do what is best for our children.
National PTA has proved by various case studies and researches that kids do better in schools when parents are involved, so we have a genuine wish in the heart to join the parent groups, but having a wish is easy and going to a meeting for real is a task.

Let's make it easy today. With the following tips you will actually feel that you can actually be involved:

1. Begin, one step at a time: Something is always better than nothing.
No one will give you the Parent Teacher Group President's chair in your first meeting, so do not worry, just begin somewhere. Observe the committees, understand what all work needs to be done and according to your caliber select a committee and begin working for it. Avoid being talked away for any responsibilities as you are just getting started. Probably, you can sign up for volunteering at a school event, such as a bake sale or a walk-a-thon, as these are generally held on the weekends, thus you will not have you duties getting disturbed.

Feel positive and delighted to meet new parents in the Parent Teacher Group and enhance your social circle. This would also affect your child's social circle.
The point is to begin somewhere for one or the other reasons.

2. Volunteer, as per your skill-set: To beat the age, keep the Hobbies alive.
Consider working in a committee that can enhance a hobby that you had before you got too busy in life. A task that can make you happy as well as keep you close to your child can be worth spending your weekend for.
There are multiple options such as creating certain creatives for the family tech night, or maintaining the fundraising website, or handling the social accounts for the Parent Teacher Group; whatever you opt for.
Generally, the Parent Teacher Group might send you a form in which you can mention all your skills and expertise, so that you can be approached by a specific committee, and it can become much easier for you to stay connected with the Parent Teacher Group for a long time.

3. Take is as a challenge:  If you don't challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become.
And if it is a challenge that you've set for yourself, it automatically becomes a priority. If volunteering for the Parent Teacher Group comes in your To-Do list, no one can stop you. Knowing that you doing the task would help your children to excel in their education and every other activity in their school life is itself enough motivation for the work to get done. After all, it demonstrates how keen you are in regards to your child's school life.
Make up your mind and get going.

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