Principals have their own ways of motivating students and challenging them for fundraisers. They move out of their comfort zones just to reward and motivate students for raising funds for their schools. They know how much students love to see their principals do the funniest acts and how this method of rewarding and fundraising never fails.

Here are some of the funniest Principal stunts that can make the students go gaga over their Principals. Try these out at your schools:

  • Duct Taped Principal: Students enjoy the duct tape principal challenge so much so that they can do anything for it. This is a simple challenge by the Principal that if students cross their budget goals, the winners get to duct tape the Principal, around 2 ft. from the ground level, in the gym or lobby or any centralized place at school. Winners can be decided either by their individual fundraising goals or the fundraising goal of an entire classroom.
    Principals can use this challenge for some large budget goals or if the school needs to gain some limelight in the views of parents.
    Requirements: A table of 2-3 ft. height, duct tapes, scissors.
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  • Slimed Principal: Elementary students love slime making. And they'd love it even more if they could cover their Principal with slimy strings. Imagine, as a child, seeing your Principal all covered with slime (chuckles). Many of the Principals have taken up this challenge on being requested by the Parent Teacher Groups for raising funds for the school.
    This Principal Challenge needs to be taken outside the school campus, in the garden, or the parking space, etc. because it will leave the floors dirty and slimy.
    Requirements: A huge container and lots of slime to cover the Principal.
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  • Pucker Up Principal: Frogs have left ways for pigs, cats, dogs and goats.
    We have literally seen news reports about Principals kissing pigs for fundraising challenges. Principals can really do anything for schools.
    In the presence of all students and teachers, a principal kisses an animal as students win the fundraising bet. Students raise as much as double the required funds just to see their principal do this task.
    So if your school is facing troubles raising funds, ask your principal to take this challenge and motivate students.
    Requirements: A ground and a selected animal (pig, goat, cat, etc.)
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  • Tie and Dyed Principal: Picturize a principal with neon green hair all suited up with a tie. Didn't you roll on the floor laughing.
    This challenge has been took up previously by principals and is one of the funniest principal challenge fundraisers.
    The principal has to dye his hair with a funny color and carry the look for one complete day. This challenge can be accompanied by all the members of school administration for a better motivation.
    Requirements: Temporary hair color.
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  • Dressed Up Principal: One of our favorite read-a-thon by Alexander Henderson PTCO had the school principal dressed up like an angel on the completion of their fundraising goal. The PTCO President was so glad to see the kids happy for their angel Principal for one whole day.
    There are other dress ups like a chicken, or a turkey, and dance around with the students. It is good for the kids to see the principal laughing on themselves. This challenge can be done on the completion of reading minutes, specific number of laps, etc. for the read-a-thon or fun-run fundraisers to motivate students to inculcate the good habits.
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Other than these there are many more Principal Challenges which are gaining popularity over time, such as, Principal Sundae- Principal covered with chocolate and sprinkles, Dart board Principal- Targeting cupcakes at the Principal dart board, Sleeping on the roof, Jumping for fundraising, etc. Such activities will leave students all excited and thrilled to see their Principal dancing around and enjoying with them as a reward for raising funds and will be motivated and energized for the upcoming school events.

Principal challenges have proven effects on fundraising and student motivation. So if you are a principal and you have not tried any of these challenges yet, endeavour these tricks and motivate your elementary students to raise funds for their school.

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