1 out of 5 schools fail to raise funds as per their school fundraising goals. Thus, there is a need to motivate parents and donors to donate more, so that a Parent Teacher Group can successfully raise sufficient funds and have all the school and student enrichment programs as planned.

Lack of motivation and encouragement can be the key reason for incomplete fundraising goals and shortfall of donations. There are a number of ways using which you can motivate the parents and donors such as using social media or encouraging them at school, etc. but we have listed 7 most useful, easy ways to motivate parents and donors and raise funds as much as required:

  • Impact of your words on Parents and Donors:
    "Most giving is 80% emotional and 20% rational. The best way to get to someone's emotions is to tell a Story".
    Story: We have a dream this year to add a music class in the hopes that each of our students who desires will have the opportunity to develop a talent in music.
    Story: Giving is the greatest act of Grace.
    So let us all raise funds gracefully,together, as we are planning to give our students an all new learning experience by providing 15 smart classes at the school.
    Here words like desire, our students, together, etc. are positive and can create a sense of responsibility in donors.
    Briefly, don't just ask parents to donate, give them a story to relate to.
  • Sense of ownership:
    It is the responsibility of Parent Teacher Group Members to talk to all parents and donors and create an environment where every parent has a sense of ownership for the school, the Parent Teacher Group and the fundraising campaign. Sense of responsibility and ownership will automatically increase their amount of donation, also they will motivate other parents and donors to contribute more. Sense of ownership in all parents will never leave you short of funds because parents can actually do anything just to see their child happy.
  • Stay in touch:
    Don't let parents of the students forget about the fundraiser. Contact the frequently and keep them posted. Send emails regarding how you have raised  25% of your fundraising goal, or crossed a milestone of reading 100,000 minutes, etc.
    Regular emails will never let them forget about their donation, and their child's fundraising goal. If you are using a third party online fundraising platform, you may ask them to send the emails if it does not breach any of your privacy policies.
  • Feasibility:
    Try to be present for online donations. Maximum people have their friends and relatives across a border and thus they cannot be present of their favorite child's fundraising event. Keeping the Parent Teacher Group open for online donations can help you raise maximum funds without any stress. You can either have a "Donate Button" on your website and integrate PayPal, or you can simply use a third party platform for online fundraising.
  • Motivate students to motivate donors:
    Students are the key source of your donations. Parents, relatives, friends, all of them donate for their children. Knowing this you need to motivate students who can, at the end, motivate the donors.
    So, before beginning the fundraising campaign set rewards for students. Some rewards may cost you a few pennies, some might not. Focus on which rewards make them happiest and motivates them to get donations. It might be a Pajama Day, or a funny principal's activity or might be a 20 minute extra recess.
  • Remarkably kick-off and finish your fundraiser:
    Generally, sending flyers and posters home with the students is the best way to keep the communication flowing with parents, but sometimes flyers may get misplaced, or ignored. Thus, we suggest you give a remarkable and unforgettable kick-off to your fundraising event. Some experience that the students cannot forget and ultimately inform parents about the kick-off of your fundraising campaign.
    And once you have raised funds successfully, you need a grand celebration too.
  • Thank 'em, Thank 'em, Thank 'em:
    And once again Thank 'em.
    Even for the smallest contributions, thank them. Make them feel that their contributions have actually made a difference. You do this once, and you can see, from the next fundraiser, donation amount will rise automatically.

We hope these tips help to raise maximum funds from your fundraising campaign in the upcoming year.

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