If we are in a need of quick cash and are planning to raise $500-$5000, penny war is the best solution for us. Penny wars are easy to organize fundraising campaigns that can last for one-two weeks long during a fixed period everyday in the classroom or a central area in school.

Penny wars are a great way to promote friendly competition among students of a classroom or a grade and encourage student participation. Children love to add positive pennies to their own jars and stuff competitor's jars with negative pennies.

Parent Teacher Groups can add to the fun by putting together a theme based penny war and boost the excitement of participants. It won't take much effort to decorate jars and the play area with the theme related cutouts and stickers. Keep it simple, keep it attractive!

What are the requirements?

  • Taking decisions and setting rules:
    Before the penny war begins there are some must dos for Parent Teacher Group leaders. These include- deciding the basics, i.e, time, date and venue, fundraising goal, competitors, how will be the coins counted, what will be the rewards, etc. After all of these decisions have been taken, set rules for positive and negative pennies- such as can students stuff jars with nickels and dimes and what will be their value. Without these decisions we cannot start a penny war.
  • Jars:
    We must select see through jars as per our penny war theme and design them accordingly. Apply name stickers, such as Ms. Brown- Grade 2, and place the jars at the finalized location. Jars can the large water jars or plus size piggy banks or any large container with a small opening at the top. You can also get customized jars for your school if you have spare funds and willing to have a penny war every year!
  • Negative Pennies:
    With negative pennies our penny wars can take a new turn. You will see the students all the more enthusiastic and involved. When they would see the jars of their competitors filled with coins, they would add negative pennies to jars and try to get into the competition. No doubt at the end you would end up with fewer pennies and more nickels and dimes but it would all be worth the fun. :)
  • Notification flyers and posters:
    Publicizing any event happening at your school would only help you become a star for parents. Spread a word about the penny war, the rules, dates and location by sending flyers home with students and sharing on social media. Add the rules and mention who are the  potential participants. Help parents understand your perspective and vision for the school so that they are happy about the penny war.

How can we motivate students?

  • Visual motivation: This can really help your fundraiser and motivate students as they can visually see the progress. You can either make a fundraising thermometer and place it in the classrooms or the central area; or you may find some ways to visually represent your penny war theme and connect it with the competition.
  • Achievement motivation: A healthy and friendly is absolutely harmless and would only help you raise more funds. Competitive feeling can be raised among the students by clear display of results. You may announce the current funds or current weight of the jars once everyday assembling the students together. Also to see their enthusiasm you can actually have a countdown just before the penny war is about to end like 10..9..8.. and so on and see the kids compete.
  • Reward based motivation: Have you planned for a reward for the winning grade or class? Because after the battles come the rewards.
    Plan a reward as per your feasibility, an extra 20 min lunch, a field trip, etc. You'll be happiest when students start bragging about winning and enjoying rewards.

Theme ideas for Penny Wars

  • Piggy bank: The classic 'Piggy Bank' is an evergreen theme for penny wars. No one can beat the satisfaction of putting pennies into a piggy bank and saving them for future. If you don't have a team to organize a theme based penny war, you can always rely on Piggy Bank penny wars. You just have to place Piggy Banks in place of the jars for collecting pennies- positive or negative.
  • Fortnite- Chug Jug: Fortnite is the new Scooby-Doo. Seeing its popularity, couldn't resist but create a Fortnite theme Penny War. It is very easy to organize and can be easily implemented by using Chug-Jugs instead of the huge jars for collecting pennies. You can keep rewards based on your theme.
  • Minecraft- TNT Negative Pennies: Minecraft is another game growing it's popularity among kids. Using this theme is even simpler, you just have to rename the positive pennies by diamonds and emeralds and the negative ones by  explosives- TNT.

Using these themes will make students go gaga for your penny war. For any queries email us: info@ptsofundraiser.com

Who are we?

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