Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.

The motive behind Product Selling Fundraisers or any other Fundraisers is wholly and solely raising funds with the help of parents and students of a school for enrichment and enhancement programs that would lead to an overall development of students and ultimately the school. These types of fundraisers are organized in a manner where the students get involved and develop many positive personality traits such as hard work, competitiveness, etc.

But now is the time to change the traditional Product Sale Fundraisers.
Because change is the only constant.

Today, students need to learn smart work instead of hard work. They need be healthier and smarter.  Therefore, now is the time for  to move towards a finishing line instead of going door-to-door and work smart instead of hard. Here's how:

Smart fundraisers- are event-type fundraisers that help you raise funds by promoting fitness in children and at same time helping them raise funds. An event is held at the school or at a garden depending on the type of event where students are given tasks to compete for such as run, read, walk, jog, etc. and accordingly parents, friends and families can donate for them. These event-type fundraisers include fun run, color run, walk-a-thon, jog-a-thon, hit-a-thon, and many more. The fun runs and a-thons are made smart using an online tool to raise and track the online donations and the cash/check pledges. With such tools a Parent Teacher Group can keep a record of all the funds raised by individual students or a class as a whole. These tools are meant to make the lives of Parent Groups easier and better.

Some of the schools have already shifted to fun run and a-thon style fundraising events and they are making the most of it. They organize 2-3 fundraising campaigns of 7-10 days each year. According to their experience, they are able to raise as much as 2x the amount they used to raise by the traditional fundraisers.

Use the potential of Crowdfunding for schools:

Millions and billions of funds are raised by crowdfunding every year. Now it has been a few years that this tactic has entered the school dimension of raising funds, especially for public schools. Thus, crowdfunding is not just limited to big corporate non-profits but also for schools.

You need to understand the full potential and use of Crowdfunding and how can it be implemented in schools.  It helps you increase your reach globally. People around the world can donate for your cause and help you reach your goals. It is not limited to the people who come to attend the event, rather anyone and everyone can donate for the children and the school.

Using a school specific platform helps you get a school specific web page and raise and track funds in a format used by the Parent Teacher Groups. There are several such platforms available in the market, and they can help you raise maximum funds.

Platform suggestion for you:

PTSO Fundraiser is a Digital School Fundraising platform using which you can create a customized fundraising campaign for your PTO for free. You get a

  • Campaign page with a subdomain of your choice
  • Student Fundraising pages with Goal splitting capability
  • Parents can share the student pages on all social platforms, Invite friends & family via emails

PTOs can track donations/pledges in real time. The tool can save valuable volunteer hours that can be invested elsewhere.

With minimum platform fees, this platform has many features and provides you a one stop solution for all your fundraising issues.

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