Winters are a usually frenetic for Parent Teacher Groups (PTG) with the holiday gifts and Christmas preparations. This is the best time to raise a modest amount of funds and also a matter of concern that you don't ask for too much from parents and volunteers. Apart from the special Christmas Grotto, PTG activities are an essential part of Christmas. If your PTG does not have a traditions event going on from years and if you are confused where to begin and are looking for something new, here are best Christmas ideas for this year:

  1. Email Santa: Organize an event with a few tablets and laptops to send an email to Santa Claus from every child. Each volunteer can take care of 20 emails each from one student and type it for them. This can be arranged very easily and will leave a lasting message on the children.
    Santa's replies will come faster than flying reindeers. Ask the students to keep an eye on their computers just for a few seconds and the replies will magically appear on the screen. It can be a very good start to holidays for the elementary students.
  2. Christmas Quiz: Play a Christmas Quiz and give the students an extra tinch of extra knowledge about Christmas. We can just give you a hint about the questions, you can prepare  on your own. Some of the questions can be: What's the name of the period leading up to Christmas?, How many Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus?, In what town was Jesus born?, What was Joseph's job?, etc.
    End this quiz with a Santa dressed parent, dancing and enjoying with the kids, distributing prizes and cheerfully ending the school for a winter break. This can become a Christmas Tradition for your school.
  3. Spot the difference: Playing spot the difference is a famous Christmas event in many schools. Either print format or a digital format images can be given to students and parents (levelling it as per their caliber), so as to enhance their visual detection abilities. You can easily create spot the difference images based on the festival, such as a Christmas tree or a Riding reindeer.
    It is suggested that do not keep too many differences in the images as the whole time would then be utilized to find them. A maximum of 10 differences can be applied.
  4. Gingerbread house decorations: If you have some extra funds for the Christmas celebrations, you can always hone the creative skills of parents and students by making them decorate the gingerbread houses. Ask any of your bakers to make gingerbread cookies in a particular shape and size, and organize a very engaging event for parents as well as students.
    Make sure to have a good cleaning plan after the big gingerbread house decoration contest at your school. You can make this a fun event by adding a fun act by the Principal or a parent conning as a Santa Claus.
  5. Charity Shoebox: Enhance empathy in students by taking them around the school for donating Shoebox. Teaching them gratitude, ask them to thank Santa for everything that you have and ask for a prosperous and long life for poor and needy.
    It can be a traditional event and can begin a few days before Christmas. Begin well in advance as you will need to pack all the gifts so that everyone opens a gift box on Christmas.
  6. Parent's Day off: Give parents a day off. Ask them to drop their kids off at school for one afternoon to complete preparations and shopping for holidays. This might need a lot of volunteers (typically students of middle and high schools can help) so as to handle all the kids together. Plan for some craft activities or a make it and take it artwork so as to make the parents proud. You can help kids complete their homework as they get bored of the artistry and need a change. All the efforts will show results when parents come to take their children and thank you for all the endeavours.
  7. Multi Cultural Celebration: Invite all parents and students and ask them to share their family traditions. In this way, students get to know about various traditions and festivities going on around the county.
    You can have a potluck dinner and ask parents to bring in their traditional festival dishes for the night. This event will give students, an idea about how their classmates celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah.
  8. Christmas Carol and Open Mic: A scene from the Christmas Carol or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It can be a talent show where students and parents come with exciting ideas to interact with other classmates and open their christmas presents. With this tradition, students can share their happiness and prepare to surprise classmates with their performances.
    Appreciate each and everyone and build up their morale. All of this appreciation can help students and parents overcome introversion and open up to the Mic with conviction.
  9. Winter Story Time or Movie Night: Let parents and students snuggle in a cozy blanket when watching a movie or listening to a story by a volunteer or a story-teller in winters. Encourage to bring blankets and sleeping bags.
    Feel the holiday spirit by watching a classic movie for a holiday or the winters. Set up refreshments for the cold weather like hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Make a lot of memories and have a lot of fun this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!

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