If you want donations more than your goals, improve your Fundraising Strategy

Before you start prepping about all the strategies for Fundraiser at your school in 2019–20, make sure you read this. We can help you with the excellent suggestions for your fundraising strategy which can help you raise more than your goals this academic year.

So let’s discuss what all decisions can help you:

1.   Go Big!
What is the need for so many fundraisers? Doing this you make it quite challenging for the parents and teachers to actively participate as PTA members. Plan just 1–2 fundraisers in a year. Know that everyone is giving you time out of their busy schedules. Make it worth their while.
Planning 2 fundraisers, you can actually get 100% participation, enthusiasm, and results. Try it!

2.  Promote before your campaign begins.
Make sure everyone, directly or indirectly, involved with your school knows about your fundraiser. Promote the cause (or previous causes) as much as you can.
It is important to begin the promotion before the campaign begins as it will create a buzz in your surroundings and as soon as the campaign begins, you can raise the maximum amount of donations at the beginning itself.

3.  Move Online.
You can save so many volunteer hours as soon as you shift your manual fundraising, tracking, managing and budgeting to an online platform.
School-specific fundraisers such as PTSO Fundraiser, Apex Leadership, Boosterthon,
etc. are available to provide you maximum benefits in minimal costs.
Outsourcing this can help you up to a great extent and actually ease up a lot of work your PTA has.

4.  Motivate, those who are not participating.

As soon as you move online, you can track donations class-wise and even student-wise. You will know who do you need to reach out to. Have a constant eye and see the results.
Having incentives for those who complete their goals efficiently is always a good method of thanking and motivating them for next fundraisers.

5.  Wrap-it Up!
Please maintain records. Records of the annual budgets, donations, sponsorship details, and all that you think is important.
Everything that you experience is going to help the next year leaders. File the documents, use naming conventions and keep everything organized.

Once you have your strategy ready, sit back, celebrate and let your PTA roll!

Who are we?

We are a Digital School Fundraising platform using which you can create a customized fundraising campaign for your Parent Teacher Group for free. You get a campaign page with a sub-domain of your choice, Student Fundraising pages with Goal splitting capability, Parents can share the student pages on all social platforms, Invite friends & family via emails. Fundraiser organizers can track donations/pledges in real time. The tool can save valuable volunteer hours that can be invested elsewhere.

So, start your campaign today with PTSO Fundraiser.