Autumn is around and we know you are wondering about the spring fundraiser for the school. You might be thinking of holding a Color Run to match your Fundraiser with colors of Mother Nature or might be some Cool School Family Nights. Whatever you are planning, we are sure these 7 hacks will help your fundraising campaign grow and glow in the right manner.

Let us discuss how you can have a successful fundraiser and raise maximum funds with a single fundraiser. Here are the most tried and tested hacks for fundraising:

Hack #1: Story- Why does your Parent Teacher Group need funds?

Make parents and donors think beyond their own child. Doing this you can actually motivate them to donate more. Here is how- Suppose you have a goal of converting 20 classrooms to smart classrooms this year and you need an overall goal of $50,000, rather than just giving a student fundraising goal without describing your motive; chances are parents donate more than the student fundraising goal as they know the intentions of your Parent Teacher Group.
Add a story to your fundraiser and try to connect better with parents and donors. Keep in mind, sad stories do not raise funds, but short, descriptive and reasonable stories raise maximum funds.

Hack #2: Deliver information in an attractive format

Writing long paragraphs in your flyers or fundraising campaign webpage might not grab attention of donors and sponsors. Format your information and add it to your website in forms of videos and testimonials. You might want to record videos before and after you've completed your fundraising challenge (here for example, smart classrooms) and add a thank you note for donors below it.
You can actually base all the information and content relating it with the theme of your fundraiser, for example, you get your flyers and website designed based on the theme of your read-a-thon.

Hack #3: Use the power of Social Media

If you still do not have a social media page for your Parent Teacher Group, you might be at a loss. Most of your audience, that is, parents, sponsors, donors, etc. can be easily found on social media and you can deliver your message directly to them via these platforms. Be active on at least one of the platforms, be it instagram, facebook or twitter.
How can a social media platform help your fundraiser? You can actually create a buzz among parents about the fundraiser with your posts and content. This will not let them forget about the donations and make it easier for them to donate.
Make sure you not just promote the fundraising campaign, but also focus the cause of the fundraiser.

Hack #4: Match your theme with the cause of your fundraiser

Suppose you are planning a read-a-thon with a goal of building a big library for students with all genres of books, but you decide to create a 'Carnival Circus' or a 'Disneyland' theme! How will students read? They might just want to play around with the theme props and have fun with the soft toys. Even if you are planning to have such themes, keep the reading area free from distractions.
Plan your theme which is suitable for your cause and your fundraiser.

Hack #5: Decorate fundraising grounds with 'Best out of Waste' approach

Use all the waste boxes, plastics and in-house accessories, mix it with a pinch of creativity and tadaa! You can have an attractive ground ready for your fundraiser. For example, you can use huge cubical boxes to make dices for centerpiece and shape the cuboidal boxes to serve cupcakes with no stress of getting them back.
Adding to expenses for decorations and using easily available products is fine sometimes when you don't have helping hands but try to maximize the use of 'Best out of waste' approach and save your PTO funds.

Hack #6: Motivate students and parents with some rewards and recognition

Keep rewards such as an extra recess, or a small gift everyday, a pajama day, or a thank you card for parents, etc. based on a particular metric. These will work magics for getting you maximum donations and help you build a rapport with parents. You can classify rewards as per maximum donations, or on completing student goals, maximum reading minutes/maximum laps, etc.
Motivations can be of different types, such as a visual motivation, loyalty, etc. So do not worry if your reward budget is low, just keep motivating, keep fundraising!

Hack #7: Go paperless, Go digital!

Please try to reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Use technology wherever possible, such as use social media posts instead of brochures and booklets, digital trackers instead of papers for laps, minutes or even pledges, and a website for managing parent signups. You can outsource these or get a functional website made for your Parent Teacher Group.

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