What is a Read-a-thon?

Read-A-Thon can be defined as a marathon style event fundraiser in which students read to complete a certain goal and raise money, that can be reading for a specified time, or reading a defined number of pages or reading a specific number of books.
The expected sponsors and donors pledge to pay a certain amount per minute, page or book, and at the end of the fundraising campaign online donations, cash/checks are collected as per students' records.
If you are planning to organize a read-a-thon for your fundraising event, make sure you have all these decisions taken in good time to avoid the last minute haphazard during the campaign.

It is an all school fundraiser and is suitable for all the grades. Apart from fundraising, read-a-thons can be organized to promote literacy curriculum and also to inculcate a reading habit in the kids.

Benefits of Read-a-thon:

  • Earning with a learning experience- Students do not need to compromise with their learnings for raising funds. No sale, no peer-to-peer fundraising, no compromises, simple learning experience for kids and earnings for the school.
  • High support from parents and teachers- As students are introduced to good habits and a learning environment, parents and teachers support read-a-thons and encourage participation. They help create an environment for learning and growing for kids.
  • Minimum cost set up- There are no overhead charges for conducting a read-a-thon. You can easily get books and all other paperwork sponsored. Read-a-thons are simple yet efficient, completely in-house fundraising campaign that leaves everyone with a positive experience and schools with funds.
  • Inculcate reading habits in students- Adding incentives and rewards for kids motivates them to read, eventually leaving them with a habit to read books. This is a self grooming habit that can help students grow into sophisticated adults.
  • Fundraising with minimum number of volunteers- Read-a-thons do not require much help from volunteers, especially if you have softwares to record and track reading hours as well pledge status. Even if you DIY, there is minimum workload and can be executed with minimum number of volunteers.

How to organize a Read-a-thon?

Requirements: Basic requirements for organizing a read-a-thon are a few decisions like- what will be considered for pledges- minutes of reading, pages or books; if books, maximum number of pages a books must have; when and where will it be organized; will the students read books themselves, if not who will read them the books; which software to use for keeping a track of student activities as well as pledges; what will the budget goal; etc.
Once you have answers to all the questions, you can proceed collecting bookmarks and organizing the campaign.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Deciding a schedule for your read-a-thon is quite a crucial choice. When to hold a read-a-thon and for how long, how would the be days divided, for example-
    -Ten half hour sessions during class, over two weeks
    -Fifteen twenty minute sessions, during class, over three weeks
    -Two week period, out of class time, etc.
    You can take these decisions as per the feasibility of everyone involved in the event, like teachers, students, parents, library, etc.
  2. Another important decision is to choose the right venue. Read-a-thon can be organized in your school library, auditoriums, or a central library. You can select a place of your choice and make the arrangements. Select the most convenient place first, then look for ambience and atmosphere. So your second question is, where would it be held?
  3. Organize the library as per your requirements, you can have a theme based read-a-thon, this will attract students as well as parents. Think about some gifts and rewards based on your theme and try to relate everything as much as possible. You can select any theme trending on social media, or you can give your read-a-thon a base of your most loved movie, etc. For any theme ideas, contact us!
  4. Select an online software for tracking and recording students' activities and pledges. Number of platforms are available for your help. Choose any one of them based on the maximum value they provide.
  5. Inform parents about the read-a-thon about two weeks prior so that they can be prepared. They might have to keep their work column free on that day.

Fundraising by Read-a-thon:
Once the challenge is over and each child has an official record of minutes, pages or books they have read, allow them two weeks to collect the money from sponsors and donors. This may be done with online donations, cash, direct deposit to the school or a combination of the three.

Who are we?

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Parents can share the student pages on all social platforms, invite friends & family via emails. PTOs can track donations/pledges in real time. The tool can save valuable volunteer hours that can be invested elsewhere.

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