Parent Teacher Group Events are so much fun and when it is a Fun Family Paint Night, who would want to miss it. A Paint Night is loved by all, parents, teachers, students as well the PTG Members. It is a perfect PTG Event to show how fun and engaging family nights can be. If you are planning a Family Paint Night, we might have some riches for your PTG Event.

You have been organizing Cookie and Canvas Nights or might it be your first time as a PTG President and you are for some cool tips or a step-by-step guidance on how to host a Family Night that fulfils the expectations, here we are to help you with the key points to keep in mind:

10 tips to plan an Extra Fun Family Paint Night are as follows:

  1. Entitle your Family Paint Night with an attractive name:
    Because it is all in the name. Cookies and Canvas is undoubtedly excellent, but you can come with new ideas like Popcorn and Painting, or snacking with sketching, etc. You can come up with many unique ideas.
  2. Choose an expert to instruct about the painting:
    If you are short of budget you don't even need an outsourced expert, PTG Members or Volunteers will definitely have an artistry mom or dad who can come up and help you with the Family Paint Night. He/She can paint on a bigger canvas with camera rolling in and out to project the painting on a big screen.
  3. Keep a minimum variety of colors:
    As big is the number of colors, harder is the management. Reduce the number of colors to 5 or less so as to have a smooth Paint Night. Buy paints, easels and other stationary as per the RSVP. You might keep 20-30 extra sets for the last minute entries.
  4. Select the illustration as per the theme or season:
    A snowman in winters, or 2 swans making a heart during valentines will always make your Family Paint Night more happening and interesting. Select the painting according to the current happening or keep a theme such as a trending movie, album or a game.
  5. Manage seating and supplies according to the responses to the invitation:
    Keep seating for everyone ready and make sure the projector or screen can be seen from all the seats. Some extra supplies would be helpful if you get some guest appearances in the Family Paint Night. Be prepared.
  6. Save on the supplies:
    Buy the supplies from the school's art department at low prices or go to a retail store with a promotion coupon or a discount offer. You can easily save a lot on supplies and keep the funds for other activities and PTG Events.
  7. Try to make the easels or borrow them:
    Borrow the easels from the art teacher or you can easily make them yourself by using waste pizza boxes or other tough cases of a similar size. Anyway if you need easels for the school you must buy them.
  8. Clean-up plan:
    Be prepared to see a mess and keep a clean-up plan ready. Family Paint Nights can create a mess with paints on the walls and snacks on the floor, which can be troublesome. Read well about the paints you are using and removal techniques.
  9. Take photos:
    A lot of photos! Because these moments are precious and can help create memories for parents and the school. And after all, this is the most engaging PTG Event of the year and deserves to be the most loved.
  10. Display the paintings:
    Displaying paintings can be a great encouragement for the families. Think about displaying them in the hallway or any exclusive area in the school.

We ensure, these tips are all you need for the most happening and memorable Family Paint Night, the most loved PTG Event. Get ready and get going to organize Cookie and Canvas at your school.

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