Why is an online fundraising platform needed by a Parent Teacher Group?

We would all agree that a Parent Group covers multiple grounds of work at a single time. One can see their efforts as soon as they enter the school premises. Parent Teacher Group is responsible for all the student and school enrichment programs right from cleanliness to handling fun run, right from handling parent relations to school fundraising. There is a lot to handle and thus Parent Teacher Group may use helping hands to slacken some of their responsibilities.

During this digital age, when we have enabled robots to work like humans, why can't we have some tools that help the Parent Teacher Group and ease their work up to a considerable extent. Can there be some online tools to help parents talk with the Parent Teacher Group and know if there were any requirements where they could help. Or a platform where donors can donate money online from any corner of the world.
Oh wait, might be we already have some tools.

Out of all the tools, the most useful as well as cost effective tool is an Online Fundraising platform. Online fundraising tools have proved to be a technological boon to the Parent Teacher Group life cycle and their fundraisers. Such tools ease up the work for a PTO Member by helping them with fundraising and tracking the cash/check pledges. This helps the PTOs to raise more funds easily and efficiently.

Now a question arises, which fundraising tool will be the most beneficial for Parent Groups and actually help them with such a multi-functional holistic support for organizing a fun run or an a-thon event?

After reviewing for more than a year, we came up with a one stop solution considering all your challenges, and integrating all the solutions to build a single platform- PTSO Fundraiser.

PTSO Fundraiser is one the finest online fundraising platforms currently available. It is a software that helps you upgrade your fun-run and a-thon by adding an online component to it. There are several benefits of employing such a tool for your fundraising campaign, some of which are:

  • Online presence of your fun-run: You get a web page for your campaign with a subdomain of your choice. This web-page is easily shareable on various platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, emails, etc. and thus, can help you reach your budget goals.
  • Individual student pages: Parents add their child's name and class which helps them get an individual student page for their child. That means, parents can share the page on all the platforms and help their child reach his/her student goal. It becomes an easy way for parents as well the donors to use an online platform for giving and getting donations.
  • Global reach: Do not limit the scope of your campaign. Parent can share individual student pages and get donations from their students from all across the world. This means that as soon as you shift your traditional fundraiser to online Fundraiser, you will be able to reach out to people not only near you but also all over the globe. This takes us to our next benefit.
  • Raise more: With global reach of your fundraising campaign, the students can raise more and more funds and help the school grow in a better direction, helping create a better world. As soon as you take your fun-run to an online platform, people who are not around you such as the relatives and friends of the students, alumni of the school, and business investors, who cannot attend the event physically, will not think twice before donating. All of these features can help you raise more and increase your funds by 2x or 3x.
  • Save volunteer hours: Think about it, you've got limited volunteer resources and out of which half of them are helping tracking the cash/check pledges and motivating parents to donate more as you haven't reached your budget goals. Now as soon as you leave the tracking of funds and motivating students to reach their student goals, you can focus more on handling the fun-run or a-thon with full passion and dedication.
  • Running raffles and auctions: PTSO Fundraiser allows you run raffles online and keep up the good spirit.
  • Broadcast: PTSO fundraiser helps you spread the word about your fundraiser by sending emails to a list of donors as many times as you wish to. This feature helped Endeavour PTA have an increment of about 20% in their funds on the last day of their campaign.
    You can send emails dynamically to all the invitees multiple times and remind them about the fundraiser. Let them know how helpful they can be for the school and the society.

It is an all-in-one platform that can be your one stop solution for your fun-run or a-thon event.

Some amazing features of PTSO Fundraiser include:

  • Fully functional dashboard- for checking and tracking all the funds raised, pledges, cash/check donations, individual goals, class goals, and much more.
  • Free setup- There are no upfront costs, or setup fees for using the platform. You can create as many campaigns using PTSO Fundraiser and raise funds.
  • Cost-effective- The pricing structure for PTSO Fundraiser is quite simple. You keep all the cash/check pledges donations and the platform has a 5% fee with the processing fee for the online donations.
  • Time saving- You get a web page for your fundraiser within minutes as soon as you complete entering the details of the event.

What are you waiting for?

With such benefits of using an online fundraising platform, a Parent Teacher Group can have a great fundraiser and handle all the responsibilities without any stress or anxiety.

If you would like to get a detailed demonstration of the product you can click on the link below or simply email us at info@ptsofundraiser.com.


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