Five amazing ideas for Back-to-School events for the upcoming year

Yayy! It’s Holiday Season.
I know you are spending your vacations and would not like to think about the time when the school re-opens and all the hustle that starts again.

But you aren’t able to take your mind off the back-to-school events.

Relax! We’ve got your back. Here are some amazing ideas that can be implemented very easily for the fall season:

1. Flash or Freeze Mob:

Dance parties are a worn out idea for the back-to-school events. Everyone knows what will happen when you announce a dance party week. Try something new, go for Flash Mob or Freeze Mob.
By giving a half an hour training to the volunteers or the teachers, a great Mob dance can be prepared.
You can do it in the school campus, or at a public place such as a garden, a beachside, etc.

2. Street Plays/Acts:

Choose a topic, write the script and get on the streets.
This is a very interesting event and can teach the students a lot about acting and drama.
For doing street acts you might require permissions, so you even try to do it inside your school by inviting the parents and other business officials, and sponsors (if any).
You can focus on the causes you are raising funds for, or any other social cause like Gun Violence Awareness, etc.

3. Family outing and photo shoot:

"Memories- the one thing that can never be taken away from us. Make lot’s of them.."
And you can help the families of your school teachers, parents and students get these unforgettable memories and plan an amazing outing for everyone.
You may collect some dollars in exchange for the photographs if you have started your fall fundraiser, and also keep some incentives for donations.

4. Open air activities:

List a one-week schedule for open-air activities for the students. This is going to enhance the skills of the students and also help them concentrate better in the classroom.
Some of the new and trending activities can be Street Soccer, Horse riding, Skating and list goes on. You can invite families on a Saturday and plan Minute to win it games for the families and give some perfect family goals!

5. Community school meet:

You may invite all the donors, and the likely to be donors, the local businesses, sponsors, and all those who can help you raise funds.
Brag all about your school’s progress in the previous year and give a warm welcome to donate for the fall fundraiser.
Maybe, you can get your lunch sponsored!

Sit back and enjoy summers!

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