Volunteer participation has always been an issue for the Parent Teacher Groups. Have you ever considered thinking about the issues volunteers are facing and the solution for them?

(This blog is inspired by PTO Today)

Volunteers being such a crucial part of the Parent Groups have a resistance towards participation because of some stereotypes made up in their mind.
We as a whole new generation of PTOs, need to shift the paradigm and escalate Volunteer Participation effectively and substantially.

The jobs below can attract them and help you get maximum people on-board:

1. Administrative/School or classroom jobs:
School jobs can be done by the parents who have some time to spend at the school. These tasks are done along with the office staff. Parents who can schedule an hour or 2 and are ready to give some time at the school can be involved for these jobs.
The tasks can be:

  • Filing and documentation
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Handling the kids in the classroom
  • Working at the reception
  • Lunch/Recess services

2. Fun Run Coordination:
Coordination and management of a Fun-Run or an A-thon have thousands of tasks hidden in plain sight. Even if you have outsourced it to a Company, still you need to take care of many things such as hospitality with the guests of honor, participation, motivation for donations and pledges, etc. These tasks can be divided into 3 basic categories along with the job roles for the volunteers:

  • Passing out waters at a fun run
  • Manning a station at a student breakfast
  • Cleaning up after event
  • Helping for the track set up
  • Handling the software for tracking pledges/cash and check donations
  • Hospitality for the parents and guests
  • Sponsorship Coordination
  • Operations
  • SOS Team

Giving separate tasks to people will help everyone feel required and responsible, and this will help a great deal in volunteer participation.

All of the information about the teams and tasks can be sent to the parents via emails. Room parents can also help in sharing the tasks and responsibilities before the event.

3. Take home Jobs:
Flexible timings help a lot in volunteer participation. Parents who cannot commit to regularly come to the school can lend their hands to handle the following tasks:

  • maintaining the parent group website
  • maintaining and update group’s social channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • stuffing envelopes
  • editing the newsletter
  • preparing flyers for events
  • helping with ongoing clip-and-save fundraising (box tops)

4. Channel your talents and skills:
Everyone has a skill or a talent. Some have a great deal of management skills, some are extremely creative, and some love working technology. You can help your volunteers enhance their skills and build self-confidence by engaging them with the work that they love.
Some of these jobs can be:

  • Teaching an after-school class or hobby
  • Helping with the art show or other art activities
  • Organizing an author visit
  • Participating in a science or STEM event
  • Participating in a math event
  • Helping with the classroom designing and decoration
  • Participating in the creative/managerial tasks for the fun run or athons

5. Hiring & Outsourcing:
Some parents can help a great deal in hiring and outsourcing. They can find and avail great deals and help your PTO save more. You just need to observe and find people who can do this work for you. the job roles can be:

  • Coordinating with the Volunteers
  • Assigning tasks according to the experience and skills
  • Finding places for the events not to be held at school
  • Giving suggestions for any new tools/software useful for the PTO
  • Team strength development by having regular conversations with the members

Sure, the tasks are time consuming. Sure, your efforts might go unnoticed, but does that matter? You are doing it all for the kids. And that one reason is enough to keep you get going.

If you are a parent reading this, put your shoes on and get going. Participate in the nearest Parent Group or join your child's school PTO. You are needed!

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