Parent Teacher Groups are a combination of a variety of ideas, with a heterogeneous blend of mindsets working towards a goal for welfare of the schools and the students. With such a complicated composition of work and ideas, it becomes very difficult to be organized and well-managed. There is a possibility of an inimitable event, no doubt about that, but there is even a possibility of a messy Parent Teacher Group meeting because you couldn't take the minutes for the previous meeting.

In a world that runs practically on internet, Parent Teacher Groups can definitely employ some of the online tools designed to make the Parent Teacher Group Member life a lot easier and better.

We have listed the best and the most cost-effective tools and apps for your Parent Teacher Group that can cover all the functionalities such as management of volunteers, budgeting, fundraising, messaging, organizing paper piles, social media updates, etc. Using these apps will effectively save volunteer hours and make your group organized and well managed.

1. (Formerly VolunteerSpot):
This tool helps you in getting easy sign ups for your events such as a potluck, a BBQ, a movie night, etc. You can manage volunteer sign ups, track their working hours, and remind them about the event without the 'reply to all' emails.
Stress free scheduling and easy to use sign up sheets get more people to sign up. You plan, They sign up, reminds.
The best part about the tool is that it's FREE.

2.  Schoolze:
Schoolze is an all-in-one productivity and engagement platform for schools & Parent Teacher Groups. This tool is a combination of almost everything that you need as a Parent Group. Some of the features include:
(i) Announcements- via push notifications, emails or website.
(ii) Messages- Send 2 way messages easily to parents and board members.
(iii) Newsletters- Static  templates and translations available for newsletters.
(iv) Photo albums- Lets you upload albums and helps you design and print.
(v) Online Fundraising- Lets you raise money online.
(vi) Branded website- It helps you host a website for your community.
This tool is really helpful but if you are not looking for an all-in-one solution you might find it a bit expensive. The pricing structure for Schoolze is as follows:

3.  Trello:
It is free tool that allows you to make lists, boards and cards that can be used and shared with the team. You can share all the work by creating a list, tell parents exactly what to need to bring, remind them about anything and everything, and help them prioritize important tasks in an easy and comprehensive way.
It is actually a very useful tool as it lets you integrate some of the other apps such dropbox and slack. And the best part it is available on playstore as well as appstore.
If you are a small team and have a limited use, trello is free for you. All the basic functionalities and facilities are available without cost, but if you need some advanced features, you will need to pay for it.

4.  Dropbox:
Dropbox is a place where you and your team can simply drop all the files, photo & video, docs, important papers, and everything you want to without stressing about them being misplaced or lost. You can upload and download the data from a central place where all the data is stored. It is secure and helps you store the data forever (you can delete it whenever you wish to).
Dropbox gives users a freemium model, that is, you initially get a free space of 2GB. If you require more space you can use Dropbox Plus.

5.  HootSuite:
This tool can be used to manage your social media accounts on all the platforms. You can schedule posts, use analytics tools to check details like at what time do most of the people view your posts, or comment on your posts, etc. There is much more to this tool other than these features.
Using social media for your Parent Teacher Group is a must and what can be better if you get a tool to manage it.
However this tool is not free, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial and see if it helps your group as per your expectations.

6.  Membership Toolkit:
This tool is an all-in-one solution to manage your organization. It gives your Parent Teacher Group a whole new direction to work and manage everything online. The features provided by the tool are- website, blog, volunteer management, accounting, membership, online store, email & newsletters, directory, fundraising, message board, calendars, mobile app, and customer support.
With all these features, the lives of Parent Teacher Group members can be sorted and organized.
But before using this tool make sure you have a high budget because the pricing of the tool is really high and not so affordable for non-profit organizations.

7.  PTSO Fundraiser:
It is a Digital School Fundraising platform using which you can create a customized fundraising campaign for your PTO for free. There are a lot of amazing features such as:
(i)You get a fully functional campaign page with a sub-domain of your choice.
(ii)Student Fundraising pages with Goal splitting capability.
(iii)Parents can share the student pages on all social platforms.
(iv)Invite friends & family via emails.
(v)PTOs can track donations/pledges in real time.
The tool can save valuable volunteer hours that can be invested elsewhere.
Using PTSO Fundraiser you can raise more because of the global reach and easy online donation facility, and at the same time you can keep maximum (95%) of your funds raised.
The pricing of PTSO Fundraiser is very effective- You keep all the cash/check donations, and pay just the processing fee for the online transactions. There is also 5% platform fee which is genuinely used to provide the services such as the website and student pages, emails, etc.

We hope this information facilitates you getting amazing results for the school and the children. For more details, visit and create a fundraising event for your school. You can also follow us Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for any queries and concerns.

Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work!!