What do you mean by Fundraising in Classroom?

To begin with, we can define Fundraising in classroom to be a fundraising approach in which Students are instructed how to raise funds and are awarded for previous achievements in the classroom during class hours. The companies who handle events such as a Fun-Run or an A-thon send their representatives to the classrooms so as to motivate students and distribute the fundraising kits. The companies are profit making and professional and reach schools approaching children to make them as lucrative as possible. They generally have some hidden charges - thus taking a surprise percentage of the funds raised by you and thus, leaving schools with bare minimum profits.

What are the disadvantages of classroom fundraising?

  • Integrity of learning environment is compromised:
    The future of the world lies inside the classroom.
    Does this mean the future of our world would be salesy and would leverage the innocence to raise money out of it?
    Fundraising must be kept outside the classroom. Any and every activity that does not involve learning need not be taken to the classroom. Fundraising is not just having funds for schools but it also includes a lot of learning and community engagement for the students as well as parents.
    The companies that plan out everything for you and come to the classrooms for announcements will definitely not help the students to learn anything.
  • About 50% of the funds are taken:
    The worst part of outsourcing your Fun-Run is they charge half of your funds. These event companies do not think how difficult it might be for the parents and relatives of the students to give them funds for the enrichment of schools. They just bring in some plastic toys for the students and make them rebel with their parents for funds. Children are not at fault here, but the people who lure them with some junk toys are.
    This needs to stop immediately. For any profit-making companies, it is not fair to charge up to 50% of the donated funds.
  • Children feel embarrassed and humiliated for not raising enough funds:
    What about the parents who cannot afford the student's fundraising goal?
    Fundraising in classroom is done using rewards for the students who bring in maximum of the funds, or complete their goals to bring in pledges. They are rewarded with some toys and appreciation in front of the whole class.
    All of this creates a competitive environment among the students, classes and genders.
    Competition is not bad but until and unless it is a healthy one. Our little children getting so stressed and pressured is not at all acceptable.
  • Shrunken parent participation:
    Parents participate in the Fun-Runs to volunteer at their children's school, participate in the fundraising campaign, engage with other parents, attend the meetings to take a few decisions, etc.
    If they won't feel important, or required, why would they get involved?
    The fun-run management companies generally bring in their volunteers and all the work is handled by them, leaving parents to be just paying machines for their child's fundraising goals. In some case studies, we've also noticed that they organize fun-runs on weekdays and parents are not even able to attend them.
    What is the use of having such an event where you just raise funds by pressurizing students?
  • Intimidating pressure on students:
    Pressure is good for tires, not for people.
    There are case studies where students go to their homes and cry out loud just because they didn't receive the toy or a little appreciation or applause!
    They vigorously compel their parents to give maximum funds to them.
    This culture of fundraising has indiscriminately loathed crowdfunding.
    There is a need of particular bylaws for such event companies so that they cannot take undue advantage of children.
  • Unethical approach of raising funds:
    Ethically, fundraising is not to be taken to classrooms, and is not supposed to create stress among the students.
    Wasting precious time of students and teachers is absolutely unacceptable. Bringing in the classrooms, such distractions definitely affects the focus of students.
    All the fundraising activities and events must be restricted to outside the classroom and after school hours.
    Parent Teacher Groups need to necessarily look into this if they are hiring one such company for organizing their Fun-Run.
  • Motivating Manipulating students for funds:
    There is a thin line between motivation and manipulation. Motivating students for funds will make them responsible and loyal towards the school community. If you motivate a student, he/she will be happy for a person who brings in maximum funds for the classroom or school. But rather manipulating them using some attractive junk plastic is really inadequate.
    Parent Teacher Groups must take care of this and help children grow a positive attitude towards life and consider school to be a temple of learning.
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