Positive student involvement can help the Parent Teacher Group to a great extent. Also it can help the students to enhance their creativity & leadership skills.

Let us begin this with a few questions:

  • Do you know which of your events score your points off and which are actually liked by the students?
  • Do you think parents are not getting involved with the groups because it is their ‘give attention to the kids’ time?
  • Do you think your group needs some reviews about it’s working or functioning?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to involve students to your Parent Teacher Group and help them grow with the beneficial growth of the Parent Teacher Group.

There are so many opportunities in which the students can actually help the Parent Teacher groups of their schools and accelerate their working. Students can give reviews for each and every activity happening at the school, for example, kindergarten students can tell you how much they love having donuts with their daddies, whereas, a grade 8 student loves to tangibly organize and help decorate the tables for their juniors.

Student involvement- Benefits for Parent Teacher Groups:
  1. Increase in Parent involvement- As parents see their children spending time for the activities and expanding the mindset as well as the skill set, they will automatically get attracted towards the School and ultimately the Parent Teacher Group. More the number of parents, easier it becomes to handle the Parent Teacher Group activities.
  2. Precious reviews of the students- After every activity, you can call for the student council of your school, ask them their views, jot them down, and make sure you improvise on the negatives.
    These reviews can help you a lot in the decision-making process. After all, everyone is working for the welfare of the students, and ultimately if they’re happy, we win.
  3. Time effective- Student involvement can save you time in many ways such as the decision-making time, the time you spend thinking what went good and not so good in the event, etc. You can also save some volunteer hours by giving the students tiny tasks to show their hidden talents such as making posters for the decoration or painting the centerpieces.

Now it may come up to your mind if the students are benefited from all this.
Definitely yes! Students will learn a great deal of skills such as discipline, punctuality, creativity, and whatnot.

Student involvement- Benefits for Students:
  1. Exploring the hidden talents- Extra-curricular activities are defined to make the students think out of the box and polish their hidden talents. One can never know how good their kid is with paint brushes until their kid makes a painting. And working with Parent Teacher Groups can give students enormous dimensions to reflect their artistry.
  2. Improvement of Skills- A student who is involved in activities will definitely inherit leadership skills and a teamwork spirit. Other than these, he/she can learn better communication skills, oral as well as written, and understand the importance of discipline and punctuality.
  3. Critical thinking- If a student knows that he/she has to answer to the review questions, he/she will (by default) think about the activity and have some queries in the mind. This can improve the critical thinking ability in the students and a habit of asking questions is developed which is very helpful for them.

All these benefits are 100% tested and trusted. Hence, you can start involving students of your school to the team and work like a pro!

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