One of the major responsibilities of a Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is organizing and managing School Fundraisers. Most of the public schools run by the funds raised by the PTG. This leaves the PTG to make decisions like the school enrichment programs, parent involvement programs, and most importantly, budget. Depending on the annual budget of the school, you can choose among the different types of school fundraisers. Categorizing school budget from modest to huge, you can plan your fundraiser.

There are hundreds of school fundraisers but we can broadly classify them based on their pros and cons, budget goals, profit to schools, number of volunteers required, etc. And these groups of fundraisers can be compared easily from the list below:

  • Event Style Fundraisers: Over the past two decades, event-style school fundraisers have gained popularity among the PTGs. These fundraisers were introduced to develop good habits in children, fight obesity, promote exercising, etc. among the elementary school kids.
    These include glow runs, color runs, walk-a-thons, and many other fun runs and a-thons for raising funds.
    Pros- Healthy Fundraising, Students are not subjected to sales, can meet any budget goals, fun for children, schools keep all the funds to themselves.
    Cons- Number of volunteers required varies from a handful to a lot depending on your event.
  • Product Selling Fundraisers: Schools have been raising funds selling various products such as cookie dough, wrapping papers, gift items and various other seasonal items. These items are generally sold using catalogues where students and parents sell products and raise funds for their schools. Usually, there is a profit margin for each sold product.
    Pros- Modest amount of funds raised, can be a learning for students.
    Cons- Parents need to buy unnecessary products if they want to donate, Number of volunteers is more, school keep a share of the funds raised.
  • Auctions: Live and Silent auctions have been famous among PTGs for raising funds. These are similar to usual auctions with audience being families and friends of students of the school. Now-a-days, auctions are shifting online to increase the reach and reduce the costs of setting up a live auction fundraiser.
    The size and scope of the items you’re able to offer in the auction grows just as your potential audience does.
    Pros- Easy execution, less number of volunteers required, moderate to huge amounts of funds can be raised.
    Cons- No learning curve for students, schools need to spend a lot before raising funds.
  • Collection Fundraisers: Students can be instructed to bring in old shoes, clothes, box tops, and other things depending on your collection fundraiser for fundraising. There are many National as well as Regional collection fundraisers. These fundraisers can help you raise funds very easily by just giving in old and used materials and taking payment right away.
    Other than these, penny wars can also be considered as a great way of collection fundraisers and can be organized at school for fun and fundraising.
    Pros- Schools get to keep all the funds, students learn about donations, very few volunteers required.
    Cons- Small amounts of funds raised.
  • Shopping Fundraisers: A simple, effortless, non grind fundraiser with a single set up is a shopping fundraiser. There are platforms Amazon Smile, eScip, etc. that offer considerable profits on each transaction using link of your account. That is, you just need to share a link of your account with parents, relatives and friends of students and earn profit everytime they buy a product and pay using the link. There are various packages depending on the amount of profits given to the Parent Teacher Groups.
    Pros- No stress fundraiser, easy to introduce and adapt, very less volunteers required.
    Cons- No learning for students, small amounts of funds raised.
  • Spirit wear Fundraisers: If you want to develop enthusiasm and community feeling along with fundraising, spirit wear fundraisers are the best. It might seem simple to organize this fundraiser by just ordering a few t-shirts and sweatshirts, but it can actually get complicated when you need to think about designs and cloth material, vendors and stall placements, etc. Other than a fundraiser, spirit wear can also be used as a commemorative gift, or a raffle prizes.
    Pros- Builds community relations, good for any fundraising budget.
    Cons- Probability of losses, difficult to set up, more number of volunteers required.
  • Restaurant Fundraisers: Raising funds along with building community is the major goal of restaurant fundraisers. If you are looking for you PTG gel up better and enjoy at the same time while raising funds, these fundraisers are meant for your group. Many national restaurant chains have a proper arrangement and a set of terms and conditions for fundraisers for Parent Teacher Groups. You can theme your restaurant fundraisers according to the current trends and make it fun for parents.
    Pros- Parent engagement and involvement increases, good for any fundraising budget, less volunteers required.
    Cons- No learning for students.

Majorly, all the fundraisers fall under these 7 categories, so now you can decide what your Parent Teacher Group requires and move ahead with the planning and execution phase.

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