Fundraising is a process of raising money, in the form of donations, from individuals and organizations. The money raised through a fundraising event is traditionally for non-profit organizations but over the years, even businesses and schools have accepted this way of accumulating funds, through voluntary contribution, for fulfilling various goals.

A successful fundraising event can provide the financial foundations to upgrade technology, purchase new equipment, install more reliable security systems, fund better educational trips, etc.

Some educational institutions look for fundraising events to finance new and advanced programs for their students; that their regular budget is not able to provide for.

These programs may vary from founding a new section for art and music to initiating professional training to groom students for international competitions. It is the decision of the Institute on what they want to use the money for.

But why fund just public school organization?

Public schools and colleges experience the lack of funds more often than not. The aim of the public school is to provide education to society at an economic fee bracket. Unlike private organizations, public organizations cannot just increase the fee of the students to fund different requirements.

Governments fail to impart a satisfactory section of the budget in favour of education and even if it is set aside, it does not reach anywhere but in the pockets of corrupt government employees.

Public education is supposed to be transparent and equal for all. Every student studying in a public school or college or any other form of public educational organization is entitled to a high quality of education, without having to worry about the fee that is to be paid.

School Fundraising is about securing money for a particular cause. It is one of the oldest methods still in practice today. In fact, fundraising has gone through a huge transformation over the years and the new exciting ways of raising funds has rejuvenated this method into the modern era.

Fundraising method is opted for generating funds in order to finance projects and support the existing budgets that are in use.

The success rate of hosting a fundraising event has encouraged many schools to incorporate annual fundraisers in their annual calendars for scholarships, new technology, construction, etc.

Although the sole objective of a fundraiser is to accumulate a large sum of money, it can be hosted in various ways. The reasons and ways of hosting a fundraiser can arguably be innumerable but we have managed to sort out the most widely used ways, just for you. They are stated below.

1. Product Fundraisers

This process generally involves the purchase and resale of popular consumer goods through the non-profit organization(s) whereas the group sponsors the event. The sponsors keep a portion of the gross sales as their fee.

Products can be acquired in a mass purchase at a lower rate and paid for in advance by the organization and then the products can be re-sold to the buyers.

There are 3 types of product fundraisers that schools and colleges generally acquire to raise their funds:

Pre-Sales Fundraising

Product In-hand Fundraising

Online Fundraising

2. Self-Organized School Fundraisers

Few schools raise their funds subsequently through auctions and raffles. This type of fundraising involves local businesses such as restaurants, for helping out to leverage the donation process.

In an auction, people are permitted to bid for various items and services right from their dinner tables. This way the bidders are comfortable in their personal space and can enjoy the exciting environment of an auction.

The person with the highest bid wins the article that they bid on.

Auctions may sell the product for a much higher price than the original intention if a bidding war takes place where two or more bidders wish to buy the same product.

Whereas a Raffle is more like a lottery.

Various tickets are put out to be purchased by the people who are interested in participating in the event. The ticket numbers are allotted to specific prizes.

The purchased tickets are then placed in a container which is to be opened only at the time of the drawing.

At the right time, the tickets are withdrawn from the container randomly, one after the other. The holder of the winning tickets wins the prizes allotted on their ticket.

3. Public Fundraisers

Under this event, schools organize art exhibitions, talent contest, marathons, sports events, hiking events, etc. The board of members and regular donators are persuaded with the request to sponsor the event by contributing the prize for winners.

After the school gets due permissions to host the events, their next task is to encourage as many people as they can to participate.

Students and their families, along with teachers participate in the various contests and events. Some schools even let the outside public participate, to make the event more fun and successful.

4. Silent Fundraisers

Under this method, schools partner themselves with a few of the graduation organizations. The main purpose of the school here, is to provide the students with an opportunity to graduate at an affordable price.

By aligning themselves with graduation suppliers, they create an online store where students can buy graduation accessories. The company then, in turn, provides them with attractive cashback offers for every purchase made by the students.

Fundraisers are most efficient when directed towards people who have a direct or indirect connection with schools.

People are typically more willing to offer financial support to a school that they are involved with on a personal or professional level. Schools may attempt to engage past students and alumni, or the families of current students for a better response.

How can you make convince others to support your cause?

For this purpose, boosting the reputation of your school comes into play.

Show the public that you can make a real difference in their community. Make it clear how the community will benefit from your school fundraisers and how can make a better future with their support.

Any organization, be it schools or colleges should focus on their ultimate goal when preparing for an event.

Figure out why you want to raise funds and work out on the details. Ask yourself what is the need of the present. Do you need a new gym, a new library or maybe even a new roof? Whatever it is, figure out how much will it cost and build your event goals around that.

Sometimes a school wants to attract new students so maybe fund a new art program for those who have aspirations of becoming an artist or just want to learn something new.

If a school is blessed with abundant of talented students, think about hosting a talent show fundraiser. Something like that will engage students as well as their parents. Provide a venue for healthy competition, support creativity, and involve the entire community.

Genuinely a successful school fundraiser will be one that both students and parents find appealing — by either saving them money or providing them with added benefits.

Fundraising events can be exciting and fun, but it’s important to remember the goals you set.

Make sure that you don’t hold a fundraiser without a clear goal in mind.

Some schools may feel uncomfortable or invasive by announcing their goals up front, but it defeats the purpose of the event. For if students and parents do not understand the purpose of the fundraiser and the exact cash amount they will more likely than not would drop out of it, due to the lack of clarity.

You need to be clear and concise about your targets and your objectives. Once you decide to host a fundraiser, make sure that you share all the information with the participants, be it the people from the community, parents of the students or even the students themselves.

Every individual, rich or poor, has the right to live their life with respect, and proper education is the path that can lead them there.

Education doesn’t only gift a person with knowledge and wisdom but it also shapes their present and future. Education introduces us to the world and makes us worthy of a better life.

The roots of education may be bitter but the fruit is ever so sweet. So, be proud of yourself and your education and don’t ever limit yourself.

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