Fun-Runs and A-thons are the future of fundraising.

Today's generation is fast like never before, thus what we need today is an effortless, time saving and efficient fundraiser for the schools. This means that the sphere of school fundraising needs to be changed, and indeed it is changing as per the need of the hour. Now-a-days fun-runs and a-thons are gaining attention of the Parent Teacher Groups as an efficient way of fundraising. People are shifting form a traditional offline fundraiser to a digitally profound fun-run and raising more for the enrichment of the schools. Parent Teacher Groups are moving more and more towards athon type fundraiser in which students participate proactively and dynamically, as they are eager for opportunities to run, jog, read or even dance in a marathon-type event. Parent participation also increases as tech savvy parents want the fundraising event to be held where they are: online.

Ready to use the power of fun-runs beyond limits?

Fun runs have immense potential for the parents, students as well as the schools. Organizing such an event shapes the personality of the organizers as well as the participants, that is, the parents as well as the students. Here's how:

  • Determine the project- What would you like to raise funds for? Is it a STEM inclusion, or a playground or development of the classrooms?
    Having a project will help you make a target for your fun run or a-thon and as you complete the project, your efforts will get noticed.
  • Set tangible goals and divide the tasks- Know how much would you like to raise and work for it. It would be great if you divide the tasks from the very beginning and use an online assistant for your fun run such as PTSO Fundraiser (you can apply for a demo now.)
  • Keep everyone updated- Each and everyone who is linked to your fundraiser must know about the tiniest of the achievements your PTA/PTO bagged.
    Send emails every once in a while to stay connected. Do not just send emails for donations, but also for celebrations, meetings, or any other events.
  • Plan, Execute, Excel- Planning and Execution of fun-runs will help the organizers learn a lot about event planning and help them enhance their creativity and boost their confidence.
  • Enhance student persona- Event based fundraising develops a sense of competition in the students which is very helpful for building their character. It boosts up their confidence and helps them establish self esteem.
    Students have a sense of responsibility towards the school as they help in raising funds.

The main benefit, and the root cause of an event based fundraiser such as a fun-run or read-a-thon was development of students, physically and mentally. Sweating together for a cause can motivate students which will promote fitness, help them fight obesity and other such diseases. That is how a fun-run proves to be a solution to kill two birds with a stone.

This year help your school and the students to experience a change, a new type of fundraiser in which you do not sell anything. A fundraiser that is purely based in the interests and favors of the students and parents.

Organize one or two annual fundraisers. Go big, Go fun-running!

We would like to help you with your fun-run.

As an online fundraising platform we would like to help you with your fun-run or a-thon with our features. Our tool is designed keeping in mind all the pain points of a Parent Teacher Group and dedicated to solve maximum of the issues. Some of the benefits that you share with PTSO Fundraiser are as follows:

  • Online presence of your fun-run
  • Individual student pages
  • Global reach
  • Raise more
  • Save volunteer hours
  • Running raffles and auctions
  • Broadcast

The future of fundraising is with us.

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