"Social media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate."          -Erik Qualman.
Use of social media for communication has proven effects on Parent Teacher Groups (PTG). 90% of people are comfortable communicating in various social media platforms including facebook, instagram and twitter. Now-a-days, parents are so active on social media platforms, making it the best communication medium for Parent Teacher Groups.
So, if your Parent Teacher Group has a social media page, make sure it is active and engaging for the parents, teachers, and alumni. Make sure you have well planned plan for daily or weekly posts, so that you are never out of contact with parents and volunteers.

Here are some of the beneficial reasons, why you must consider having a social media presence:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: For the last 15 years, social media has been connecting people all across the world. It has changed the perspective of communication for people. Today, everyone is comfortable communicating via social media instead of meeting personally. Thus, for a Parent Teacher Group, social media can be a great opportunity to connect with other parents, find volunteers, post shoutouts for events, etc. There will a positive impact on parents and they will communicate and engage easily by commenting and liking your posts.
  • Increased Involvement: As parents and volunteers will see all the efforts and success, they will be moved and would happily get involved with the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) and its activities. Social media will give them a clearer picture of what they need to do, and what recognition do they get in return. This will definitely lead to an increase in the involvement along with increased interest of parents in your group. You can have groups for engaging and pages for posting about the PTG activities. You must engage via comments, for example, you can recognize any of your PTG Members and appreciate their efforts through a caption, you will notice a positivity, because people like to be appreciated and validated.
  • Global Reach of Campaigns: Social media can help a great deal in your school fundraising campaigns as it can give you a global reach. Any parents, alumni, or friends not living in the country can reach out to you via social media instantly and donate for their school or their students. This will help you reach your fundraising goal easily as well as leave you filled with pride looking at love you receive from overseas.
    Also, not just school fundraising campaigns, you can also share posts regarding all other events and get cheerful comments from parents as they show their excitement for their involvement.
  • Quick transmission of messages: Social media has gained popularity because of one of it's most attractive feature- speed. A message can be transmitted within seconds, without any efforts. For a PTG, this can be a great help to share messages with all parents instantly, easily and effortlessly. To add to it, parents can also share their views on your posts and messages instantly. This helps you engage with them at a deeper level and understand which of your messages get maximum attention and what are the interests of the parents in your PTG. And the best part is, you don't even have to wait for a meeting for this.
  • Consistent Engagements: Using social media can keep parents and volunteers as much involved in the PTG as much as you want. Consistency in the engagements will completely depend on how frequently messages and posts are shared on the page and also how frequently you engage with other parents present on the social media platform.
  • Connection with other PTGs: Major PTGs share about their events and happenings on their social media pages. You can take ideas, appreciate their efforts and understand what gets them maximum engagements and attention of parents and volunteer. You can be updated with the trends and tactics other PTGs are following and connect with them, sharing your thoughts and ideas. This will help your Parent Group grow faster and be loved by parents more than ever.
  • Raising awareness about issue campaigns: In today's world, news and issues spread like a wildfire on social media. So, as a PTG, if you want to raise awareness about any issue campaigns, there is not better platform than social media. Everyone can share their views and opinions openly regarding your campaigns and you can receive a number of suggestions regarding the cause.
    If you want the issue campaign to get a country level response, you can ask parents and other influencers to repost for you. There is no limitation to the use of social media, just beware of the messages you share as it can lead to positive as well as negative impacts.

So, create a social media page for your PTG now. And if you are confused or don't understand how to use it, just start by reposting and understanding what other PTGs are posting. Ask parents to follow the PTG social media page and gain popularity among them.

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